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I need to test the bandwidth I have on my USB RNDIS connection. I am using windows CE 6.0.

I already tried looking into iperf for windows ce, but, sadly, I did not manage to compile it.

Can anybody recommend of a tool/API to test the bandwidth under Windows CE?
In case the answer involves an API, I am looking for something with minimal effort (obviously)

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Can't you do something as simple as connecting to the other end (you didn't say if you want to test from the device side or PC side), pull some known-size file, and time the pull. You then have bytes/time.

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Doing this now. But, I'd rather have something automatic. Be it device side or desktop side. Thanks. –  Shaihi Oct 26 '09 at 15:43
I just wrote a program that does this basically. Copies a file over the network and prints out the time it took to copy the file. Thanks for pointing out the obvious... I sometime miss looking at the obvious direction. –  Shaihi Oct 27 '09 at 7:31

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