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I've a problem with using printf in assembly. Here is a piece of code

push $buff
push $end_str
call printf
add $8, %esp

The o_buff is a variable declared like this : .lcomm o_buff, 32 and end_str is end_str: .ascii "%c\n" . In o_buff are bytes that states for ascii codes, here is a sample form gdb x /4b 0x0804a028 example: 0x0804a028 <o_buff> 49 48 49 48 which suppose to state for 1010 , but instead i always get ( no matter what will be inside of o_buff variable. I save register on the stack before calling printf and after i pop them. When i just move one byte : movb (%eax,%esi,1), %dl and then push %edx (of course before i xor edx register) i get a proper output, but this is just one char. Can someone point me where i have made mistake? I'm using GAS AT&T syntax

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%c is the printf format specifier for a single character - maybe you want %s ? –  Paul R Apr 27 '13 at 14:45
owww, my. So dumb of my thanks:) –  Ufo Apr 27 '13 at 15:05

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