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I followed few suggestions available online but none has helped.

Got caliper and built it from https://github.com/peterlynch/caliper

export CLASSPATH=/home/deepakkv/projects/poc/benchmarkparquet/target/classes:~/.m2/repository/com/google/code/caliper/caliper/1.0-SNAPSHOT/caliper-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:~/projects/poc/caliper/lib/gson.jar:~/projects/poc/caliper/lib/allocation.jar:~/projects/poc/caliper/lib/guava-r09.jar

Now to push the results to web, we need to specify the key. Here is the confusion. I included the API key in both ways

$ cat /home/deepakkv/.caliperrc


$ cat /home/deepakkv/.caliper/config.properties

results.upload.options.key = key


I ran the benchmark as follows

$ sh ~/projects/poc/caliper/scripts/caliper com.parquet.benchmark.BenchmarkParquetDirectWrites 0% Scenario{vm=java, trial=0, benchmark=TestContains1, length=1} 6.47 ns; σ=0.32 ns @ 10 trials 50% Scenario{vm=java, trial=0, benchmark=TestContains2, length=1} 5.34 ns; σ=0.22 ns @ 10 trials benchmark ns linear runtime TestContains1 6.47 ============================== TestContains2 5.34 ======================== vm: java trial: 0 length: 1 $

It ran successfully, did not indicate it was posting results to web. I could not find anything @ http://microbenchmarks.appspot.com/runs

Where am i going wrong ?

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I'm not sure why you built caliper from that repository. Can you use the latest version from code.google.com/p/caliper ? –  gk5885 Apr 29 '13 at 16:33

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