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Im working my way through a backbone web app (pretty new to backbone) and need some help on iterating through a collection as I fetch it. What I want to do is loop over each element in the collection and if the progress attribute is 100 show an imported <div>, else show a loading <div>.

I have this working for the last element in the collection as follows:


    success: function () {

        if ( - 1).get('progress') === 100) {
        } else {
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You shouldn't render html in a collection class. Your collection view should have a render method for rendering, defining how your collection looks in html. You then iterate trough the collection in a view.

Something like this:

var fileRepositoryCollectionView = Backbone.View.extend({

    render: function() {
        // collection rendering

        this.collection.each(function(file) {
           if (file.get('progress') === 100) {
                $('#loading' + file.get('some_id')).hide();
                $('#imported' + file.get('some_id')).show();
            } else {
                $('#loading' + file.get('some_id')).show();
                $('#imported' + file.get('some_id')).hide();

        return this;

var repView = new fileRepositoryCollectionView({ collection: fileRepositoryCollection});
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You can also seperate rendering for one element. Usually addOne method is created. – Rok Burgar Apr 27 '13 at 16:13
Thansks for that - i have brought the relevant code back up to the render method now, im using a table structure with an image being displayed depending on whether progress === 100 or is < 100, therefore i have to keep my two different images (imported and loading) in the one td element as follows: <td> <img src="css/images/imported.jpg" id="imported"></img> <img src="css/images/barLoader.gif" id="loading"></img></td> , unfortunately at present the code i have tried, and the code you suggested is only working with the last element in the collection now... – user1694873 Apr 27 '13 at 16:34

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