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I have integrated the Play-Authenticate module in my Play 2.0.4 project. There are two views to my project, a conventional web view and a mobile view. When the application logs out it just returns to the index page. In the routes table I see that the logout functionality points towards this:

GET     /logout                             com.feth.play.module.pa.controllers.Authenticate.logout

Which looks like this in the module code:

public static Result logout() {

    return PlayAuthenticate.logout(session());

The way the application works is there is a main.scala.html file with the css/js links that the web application needs and a mobile_main.scala.html page with the css/js that the contents of the mobile templates use. The problem I am having is that when I sign out of the application (either mobile or web) I get redirected to the index of the web application - index.scala.html. Is there anyway to change this so that I can be directed to the mobile index page when appropriate?


Edit: This also applies to the page the application returns to after a successful login.

Ok after looking a bit further I traced the problem back to Global.java. I think I need to change the methods below to solve my problem. So that I can load a different page depending on an argument passed perhaps.

        public Call login() {
            // Your login page
            return routes.Application.login();

        public Call afterAuth() {
            // The user will be redirected to this page after authentication
            // if no original URL was saved
            return routes.Application.index();

        public Call afterLogout() {
            return routes.Application.index();
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One of the way is to save your state in the session, for example you can have two states: mobile session and web session and then verify this in condition before redirecting

if mobile session then redirect mobile index else redirect index
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