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I have been struggling to fix my maven build issue from last 2 days with no success almost. can you please help me on this -

  1. I have a parent pom.xml which looks like

            site config here..
  2. In child pom.xml, which I wrote works fine if I do 'mvn install'. tar file is created and appears in project/target folder. Looks good so far...

  3. When I do release the problem comes. The good thing is, it goes well till end - creates tar, uploads tar into my svn repository.. but after that maven is trying to read parent pom.xml and error comes while running "maven-site-plugin:default-deploy" and then "BUILD FAILURE"

What I'm thinking is - since tar is created and uploaded into subversion repository creating site & deploying is not required for us. How can I say to maven that once tar is created don't do anything and that's the end point for me. In other words - don't run anything 'site' related stuff for me??


========================= UPDATE

Sorry for the delay in response but thanks a lot for your help. I have my release plugin config as below


we actually do release from our batch file which consists of mvn statements like below -

call mvn clean
call mvn install
call mvn -B release:prepare -DdryRun=true -DscmCommentPrefix="somecomment"
call mvn -B release:clean 
call mvn -B release:prepare -DscmCommentPrefix="somecomment"
call mvn -B release:perform -DscmCommentPrefix="somecomment"

can you please suggest me now?


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Why not using a repository manager like Artifactory, Nexus or achiva instead of SVN repository? –  khmarbaise Apr 27 '13 at 16:07

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You should change the maven-release-plugin configuration no to do an site-deploy which is default like the following:

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