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I have cl-openal installed correctly so that this function plays "hello world" through my speakers:

(in-package #:cl-openal-examples)
(export 'alut-hello-world)

(defun alut-hello-world ()
  (al:with-source (source)
(let ((buffer (alut:create-buffer-hello-world)))
  (al:source source :buffer buffer)
  (al:source-play source)
  (alut:sleep 1)))))

How do I add a cl-openal function to a cl-opengl program such as the one below and get it to play any wav file I have on my pc instead of just "hello world" as in above function.

Also how would I link the playing of my specified wav file to the spinning of the rectangle in below example so when it spins for instance the sound would play and when it stops it would stop:

edit: figured it out at this link Please explain what exactly is happining in the Flet portion of the (defmethod glut:keyboard) of the following Common Lisp CL-OpenGL code is code explaining most of the process where I play an alut:waveform with a key press not quite linking to a rectangle yet but that should be easy to do. Happy Coding' =)

(in-package #:cl-glut-examples)

(defclass double-window (glut:window)
((spin :initform 0.0))
(:default-initargs :width 250 :height 250 :pos-x 100 :pos-y 100
                 :mode '(:double :rgb) :title "double.lisp"))

(defmethod glut:display-window :before ((w double-window))
(gl:clear-color 0 0 0 0)
(gl:shade-model :flat))

(defmethod glut:display ((w double-window))
(gl:clear :color-buffer)
(gl:rotate (slot-value w 'spin) 0 0 1)
(gl:color 1 1 1)
(gl:rect -25 -25 25 25))

(defmethod glut:idle ((w double-window))
(with-slots (spin) w
(incf spin 2.0)
(when (> spin 360.0)
  (decf spin 360.0))

(defmethod glut:reshape ((w double-window) width height)
(gl:viewport 0 0 width height)
(gl:matrix-mode :projection)
(gl:ortho -50 50 -50 50 -1 1)
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)

(defmethod glut:mouse ((w double-window) button state x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(case button
 (when (eq state :down)
   (glut:enable-event w :idle)))
((:middle-button :right-button)
 (when (eq state :down)
   (glut:disable-event w :idle)))))

(glut:display-window (make-instance 'double-window)))

edit:figured out one part of my question - see below

function to play waveform - replace :sine with :sawtooth :square :whitenoise :impulse for different sine wave is clicking in a loop ....can someone help with that?

(in-package #:cl-openal-examples) (export 'alut-waveform)

(defun alut-waveform ()
(al:with-source (source)
(let ((buffer (alut:create-buffer-waveform :sine 20 +42 0.9)))
(al:source source :buffer buffer)
(al:source-play source)
(alut:sleep 1)))))
(cl-openal-examples::alut-waveform )
(cl-openal-examples::alut-waveform )
(cl-openal-examples::alut-waveform )
(cl-openal-examples::alut-waveform )

function to play any wave file on your pc: (I need to know how do I make it stop playing with a keypress . thanks in advance if you can answer that)

(in-package #:cl-openal-examples)
(export 'alut-wavefile)

(defun alut-wavefile ()
(al:with-source (source)
  (let ((buffer (alut:create-buffer-from-file "D:\\Users\\W\\Documents\\Fichiers .Wav\\Fly like a Dove.wav")))
(al:source source :buffer buffer)
(al:source-play source)
(alut:sleep 6)))))
(cl-openal-examples::alut-wavefile )

if its not playing whole wave file adjust (alut:sleep 6) to length of your .wav file "6 is seconds"

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