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I want to transfer data with WifiDirect.

So I connected two devices with it and opened a SeverSocket on one device. When I want to connect to this ServerSocket from the other device by clicking a button in an activity (there I open a socket with the ip of the group owner, the server) I get: "Failed to open Socket Connection".

The thing is: when I open an IntentService and execute the code there instead of executing the code in buttenClicked method in the activity it works perfectly.

My Question: Why? Why is it not possible to open the Socket in an Activity, but in an IntentService?

PS: Before you ask, I'm unfortunately not able to post the code. Maybe someone know this issue or maybe I have an error in reasoning.

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Android doesn't allow you to run long running tasks on the ui thread.. your button click is running on the ui thread while the intent service runs on a separate thread so there serversocket can wait till the client connects but on the ui thread it isn't able to run.

So for future apps whenever u have a task which might halt the thread for a long time do it on a different thread using either intentservice or asynctask or normal thread class of java

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