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Let's say that I trigger multiple Python functions with an ajax call. Is there a way to receive multiple responses (to indicate that they have all succeeded?). An abstract example:

function triggerPython(){
     data: whatever,
     success: function(response){ 

The python:

class triggerPython(webapp.RequestHandler):
    def post(self):
        self.response.out("Function 1 done!")
        self.response.out("Function 2 done!")
        self.response.out("Function 3 done!")
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Nope that is not possible. Flushing the output towards the browser might seem like one approach but GAE does not do that. It sends the complete response at once and together. Check the docs.

As an alternative, you can create another service (second call) that polls the progress of the first call. Note that there's a time limit of ~60 seconds for the response. Or if your use-case allows, try splitting the 3 processes and call one after the other.

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