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I want to ask about the difference between bug and failure and error, i read that the error is mistake made by people, but i conflicted between the difference between the bug and failure. I can't know the difference exactly. Can any one help please and give simple snippet for code represents the difference. Thanks a lot.

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I made and error by introducing a bug in the program code that resulted in a failure of the whole software... –  luksch Apr 27 '13 at 17:37

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  • Bug is a programming error - not checking array bounds, ignoring error codes, multiple deletions, memory leaks, etc. fall under this general category. Errors like this require code changes to fix (there may be work-arounds that do not require code changes, though)
  • Failure is a system error - disconnection of storage, lack of network connectivity, and hardware failures are in this category. Fixing failures usually requires configuring other parts of the system, not the program itself.
  • User errors are mistakes made by users - entering values incorrectly or providing incomplete data are in this category. Errors like that are fixed by the user who uses the program without anyone else's involvement.
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By my definition I would say

  • An error is about my behavior, or my acting. so I make errors.
  • A bug is the the result of my error in the program code.
  • The failure is the malfunction of my buggy software.

but others may interpret this differently.

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A fault or Bug is a defect within the system (Somewhere hidden in the code and maybe never detected!).

An error is a deviation of the required operation of the system or subsystem. (The fault detected during execution but no harm).

A failure occurs when the system fails to perform its required function. (System crash)

An Error is a manifestation of a fault in a system, which could lead to system failure.



If you multiply x with 4 instead of 2 in your code, but there is no way to affect any functionalists or is not visible. This is a bug or fault. If user can see it, let's say with having a wrong text as subject of email, then this is an error but still system worked and no harmful event happened. But if your system withdraw the wrong money to user in a bank or your robot cut the head of the lady instead of cutting the cake for her then this is a failure :)

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