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I am able to control reps when i run benchmark in debug mode. sh ~/projects/poc/caliper/scripts/caliper --debug-reps 1 com.parquet.benchmark.BenchmarkParquetDirectWrites

However when i run in regular mode sh ~/projects/poc/caliper/scripts/caliper com.parquet.benchmark.BenchmarkParquetDirectWrites it runs the benchmark 1000 times. I want to control the value that is set to reps. I have two benchmarks one write and other read and i want each to be run X times and not 1000 times.

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What version of Caliper are you using? IIRC, the only thing you should be able to control is how long it runs, not how many reps it runs. –  Louis Wasserman Apr 27 '13 at 19:29

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