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When I start a Weblogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.1) in the server tab in Eclipse (3.4.2) I immediately get an error popup: Starting ... has encounterd a problem. Server ... failed to start. However the starting continues and the server ends up in RUNNING mode after some 8 seconds. No ears deployed, fresh domain and/or server instance. It used to work fine and I didn't change any configuration as far as I am aware. Any ideas?

A new server runtime makes no difference. But when I start the server in debug mode, there is no error popup. When I start the server normally the error pops up and the server starts in debugging state. Remarkable, because while creating the server runtime I did not check the box "always start Weblogic Server in debug mode".

A new workspace and new server runtime solved the problem.

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Maybe your Server Runtime is corrupted. Try to drop it and recreate it.

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Also, try adding a -clean option to your eclipse startup.

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