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Trying to overload my subscript operator, so I can make an array of characters for my game. Having trouble figuring out the big idea. I was thinking of just passing it an integer (i.e. for the index) and having it return the name of the invoking object(i.e. the character itself)

subscript operator

Character * Character::&operator[](int index)
     return this->mName[index];

The error I am getting is:

Error: a reference type of "Character*&" (not const-qualified) cannot be 
initialized with a value type of char.  

Btw, I am using my own string class -- which I wrote myself (i.e. this is school after all) -- so I can overload anything if necessary.



#include "backpack.h"
#include "coinpouch.h"
#include "string.h"

class Character

//Default constructor


Character(const String & name, const CoinPouch & pouch, const BackPack & purse);

//Copy Constructor
Character(const Character & copy);

//Overloaded assignment operator
Character &operator=(const Character & rhs);

//Overloaded subscript operator
Character * &operator[](int index);

void setName(String name);
void setCoinPouch(CoinPouch pouch);
void setBackPack(BackPack purse);

String getName();
CoinPouch getPouch();
BackPack getPurse();

void Display();

//Data members
String mName;
CoinPouch mPouch;
BackPack mPurse;

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You're confusing things! If you overload Character::operator[], that means you want to be able to treat a Character object like an array. That is, you would do:

Character c("Bob", pouch, purse);
c[0]; // Using the Character like an array

But that's not what you want. Instead you just want an array of Characters. You don't need to overload operator[] to do that at all, you just declare an array:

Character array[10]; // This is an array of Characters
array[0].setName("Bob"); // This sets the 0th Character's name to Bob
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Damn I am dumb. Thank you good sir! – MrPickle5 Apr 27 '13 at 20:46

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