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Suppose, I have 2 files, dependent upon each other:


So, 1_data.tex is generated from the Perl file. To do it I have the following rule in the makefile:

./pictures/1_data.tex: ./data/
    perl 1 > $@

If I have multiple files with this pattern:


I'd like to use wildcards to process them. I tried this:

./pictures/*_data.tex: ./data/*.pl
    perl $* > $@

But it generates incorrect command:

perl pictures/1_data > pictures/1_data.tex

Is it possible to have a backreference only to 1, and not to the whole target? As $* does.

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Use pattern rules:

all: $(patsubst ./data/,./pictures/%_data.tex,$(wildcard ./data/*.pl))

./pictures/%_data.tex : ./data/
        perl $* > $@
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Using % symbol instead of * helped, now $* contains the necessary data. – user4035 Apr 29 '13 at 0:58

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