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I'm using the Xamarin AccountStore/Account to hold information about the user of my application (their details are stored after they have been authenticated by a remote server)

This works fine if the details are written out, the app killed and then restarted. It finds the existing account store.

However if the app is updated (because I make some changes in Xamarin Studio and redeploy) then it doesn't find any accounts for my service.

This is how I'm requesting the account:

var accountStore = AccountStore.Create(this._context);
var storage = accountStore.FindAccountsForService(this._serviceId);
var account = storage.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Username == username);

And this is how I'm persisting the account settings:

accountStore.Save(account, this._serviceId);

Does anyone know why the AccountStore is not found when the app is updated?

Any idea where it's being stored on the device?


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I'm also having the same issue and looking for the solution –  HuseyinUslu Nov 7 '13 at 9:39

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As stated in this answer, checking Preferences --> Android --> check "Preserve data/cache between application deploys" fixes the problem.

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