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I just started to learn python, and I thought I would work on a project. However, this script returned a syntax error, and I cant figure out why. I did check my whitespaces. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


points["x1"] = raw_input("X1?: ") #Get user input of points
points["x2"] = raw_input("X2?: ")
points["y1"] = raw_input("Y1?: ")
points["y2"] = raw_input("Y2?: ")

def checkint(points): #check whether the input is an int or float
   for item in points:
      if type(item)==int or type(item)==float:
            return "not troll"
        print "not troll"
        print "Trolling unsuccessful"
        return "troll"""

def midpt(points):#calculate midpoint of points
    return str("M=(")+str(MofX)+str(",")+str(MofY)+str(")")

def distance(points):#calculate distance of points
    return str("d=(")+str(dist)

def equ(points):#calculate the equation of the line
    slope=(point["y2"]-point["y1"] )/(point["x2"] -point["x1"]

    yint= point["y1"]-(slope*point["x1"])
    return str("slope=(") + str(slope)
    return str("equation:y=")+str(slope)+str("x+")+str(yint)

if checkint(points)=="not troll": #print
print midpt(points)
print distacne(points)
print equ(points)
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...so whats the syntax error, and what's the line number? my guess is it's the very last line; that print should be indented. –  Mark Apr 27 '13 at 22:42
What's the syntax error? What line? –  Joe Apr 27 '13 at 22:42
I've downvoted this because you didn't paste the error, nor did you tell us the line in which the error is. Why wouldn't you mention those things? How else can we help you? By running the code ourselves? No thanks, bro. –  Mr_Spock Apr 27 '13 at 22:45
Sorry, the error is on line 30, on the variable yint. I'm not used to posting. –  metal.slime.angel Apr 28 '13 at 1:00

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Last 3 print lines needs to be indented by 4 spaces.

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