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I've been battling PHP's email reading functions for the better part of two days. I'm writing a script to read emails from a mailbox and save any attachments onto the server. If you've ever done something similar, you might understand my pain: PHP doesn't play well with email!

I've connected to the POP3 server and I can iterate the files. Here's a rough outline of the code:

if (!$mbox = imap_open ("{myserver.com:110/pop3/notls}INBOX", "u", "p"))
    die ('Cannot connect/check mail! Exiting');

if ($hdr = imap_check($mbox)) 
    $msgCount = $hdr->Nmsgs;
    die ("Failed to get mail");

foreach ($overview as $message) {
    $msgStruct = imap_fetchstructure($mbox, $message->msgno);

    // if it has parts, there are attachments that need reading
    if ($msgStruct->parts) {
        foreach ($msgStruct->parts as $key => $part) {
            switch (strtoupper($part->subtype)) {
                case 'GIF': case 'JPEG':case 'PNG':

                    //do something - but what?!


I've marked where I'm stuck. I can use imap_fetchbody($mbox, $message->msgno, $key+1) but that gets me a bunch of data like this:


I'm lead to believe that this is MIME data. I need it as an image! I've seen several classes bombing around the internet that claim to do the required wizardry. I can't get any of them to work. I don't understand why I'm finding this so hard!

In short, I'm looking for something that can turn a raw MIME string into real data.

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have you checked what's the attachment encoding? –  kender Oct 2 '08 at 14:28
Hi Dr Nick (i just had to) But yes, MIME data is base 64 encoded. So ben is correct. –  Ólafur Waage Oct 2 '08 at 14:29
hey can you post a more complete snippet? i can't seem to get it to work bc im not sure where $overview is coming from –  st4ck0v3rfl0w Feb 19 '10 at 2:58
I have the same problem as yours. I found some good article, and I think it might help you linuxscope.net/articles/mailAttachmentsPHP.html enjoy it :) –  Hassan Sep 15 '11 at 12:43

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I found a quick guide how to treat emails with PHP: here.

At the bottom of that page there's a attachment-body echo:

if (substr($ContentType,0,4) == "text") {
echo imap_qprint($fileContent);
} else {
echo imap_base64($fileContent);

I guess this is what you might need...

(edit: in your case if it's image always you can skip the if part. And of course, save the file instead of echoing it:)

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Worked like a charm. Yeah I'm already doing the content-type-detection (with my switch-statement) so I only needed the imap_base64. –  Oli Oct 2 '08 at 14:42

MIME data is base-64 encoded, so I think you should be able to decode it using base64_decode

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you can use the imap_base64 function and just output that to a file, or use imap_savebody

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imap_savebody (from my recent experience) saves the encoded data (just as if you ran fetchbody) –  Oli Oct 2 '08 at 14:38

Zend framework contains Zend_Mail, which should make reading mail messages much easier, and Zend_Mime, which I believe can parse a multipart mime message into a sensible data structure.


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I'd love to be able to deploy on the Zend Framework but hosting limitations restrict it. It's a real pity because the mail-reading functionality in plain PHP is twisted beyond all logical comprehension. –  Oli Oct 2 '08 at 14:39
Is it the size of the framework that's holding you back? Our web apps bundle zend framework for when it's not available on the customer's web server. –  Joeri Sebrechts Oct 2 '08 at 16:04

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