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I have an app that has facebook login. The users have an action which affects other users. I'd like the affected users to be notified in real time, if they are logged in, otherwise they should see the notifications the next time they login. I'm using tornado(non-blocking) on the server side. The database is mongodb. I'm using motor as my async mongodb client and I think I'd like to use So far, This is how I think I should do it:

  1. Whenever a user say user1 performs an action that affects user2, the row corresponding to user2 in the users collection will get updated in some way that is sufficient to produce the notification content.

  2. When a user say user2 logs into the website, it connects via to a websocket. On the server side, inside on_connect all the stored notifications are sent to the client and a handler is installed that monitors the row corresponding to user2 in the users collection. Whenever it detects a change, it'll send out a message indicating a new notification. Also, on reading a notification, the client will send a message to the server which will reset the entry in the users collection. These handlers have to be de-registered on disconnect.

The questions is, how to install these handlers? I can't find any way to get mongodb to notify me of any change. How do I do this?

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Mongodb doesn't have any standard way of providing change notifications. You'd need to add that to your data layer code. – WiredPrairie Apr 28 '13 at 2:31

Probably mongo-watch is what you need

Here is github repo

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