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I know I can just delete the original View Controller and drop a Table View Controller in it's place inside the Storyboard, but this requires that I re-establish the relationships between the before and after view controllers.

Is there an easier or more convenient way to convert the type of the object on the fly during design time? This seems like a very common task (at least in my own projects), and I would imagine that there is an option for that in Xcode.

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In Xcode, open the 'Utilities' pane (it appears from the right), click the 'Identity Inspector' and then in the 'Custom Class' region, select a different class. Note, however, this won't change the view in the linked-to controller. You'd need to remove the view and add a UITableView. Might then have to establish some delegate connections.

I've done what you describe multiple times. Sometimes I delete the target and start again; sometimes I do as I describe and convert 'by-hand.'

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As far as I know there is no UI in Xcode which lets you do this. You can however open the storyboard file in the xml editor (activating the version editor will do that) and change the name of the node from <viewController ...> to <tableViewController ...>. Don't forget to also change the closing tag to </tableViewController>.

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I gave this a try on the latest Xcode (5.1) and it seems to fail validation and won't open. Haven't looked into why. –  Sandy Chapman Apr 10 at 12:31
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