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I need to do something like this

select * from myTable with (xlock,holdlock)

using Entity Framework. Is this possible? I've opened a TransactionScope with the Serializable isolation level but my selects are not locking the tables. I'd like them to lock until I complete the transaction scope.

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Have you ever solved this without using plain SQL as proposed in the answer by Tom Peplow? I have the same problem, and I really do not understand why the IsolationLevel.Serializable does not lock the tables. I mean, by the definition of the 'Serializable' option, a SELECT query should lock the table for the whole transaction, shouldn't it? –  cheeesus Oct 4 '11 at 14:52
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It is possible but you have to issue the SQL you can't add the locking hint when using LINQ (as far as I know):

                string.Format("select 1 from [{0}] with (tablockx, holdlock) where 0 = 1",

If you do that in a transaction scope then you'll hold the lock until you complete the transaction.

A bit more information can be found here:


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