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Within Windows Phone 8 I have a solution whereby I am capturing a video and saving it to local storage using the new WPRT Windows.Storage APIs.

When I want to playback the video using a MediaElement control I appear to be stuck as it doesn't support playback from local storage (only isolated storage).

The code I am using is:

public async void MethodName(IStorageFile file){
            var stream = (await file.OpenReadAsync()).AsStream();

Yet when I run it I receive an exception "Stream must be of type IsolatedStorageFileStream".

I've also attempted to set the Source to a URI pointing to the file's location property, and following typical local storage URI convention - but this gets ignored.

Has anyone come across a solution to this?

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Isolated Storage and Local Storage are the same location on the phone.

It looks like you need to use the Isolated Storage APIs rather than the new-fangled Windows Runtime ones in this case.

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