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I'm trying to make a simple prompt. When I run it in jfiddle, it works perfectly fine -- but hosted on my own computer/site, it doesn't work at all. I must be missing something simple. Please have a look:


$(document).ready(function() {
    //$('audio').mouseenter(function() {
    //  $(this).fadeOut('slow');
    function yesnodialog(button1, button2, element){
        var btns = {};
        btns[button1] = function(){ 
        btns[button2] = function(){ 
        $("<div id='box'>Are you a <u>level 1</u>, or a <u>level 2</u> agent?</div>").dialog({
            autoOpen: true,
            title: "",

    yesnodialog('Level 2', 'Level 1', $('.level2'));

Here it is running in jfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/CdwB9/421/ It looks totally fine to me

but, on my own site, it looks like this:


Does anyone have any idea as to why?

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Please verify (or post) the CSS used in your site. It can be causing this bug. –  Fernando Mota Apr 28 '13 at 1:36

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Your problem is clearly not related to the javascript. It get's loaded correctly and the jQuery-ui magic with the markup, buttons and functionality etc is applied.

The reason for this bug has to be that you are either:

  1. Not loading the jQuery-ui theme css-file. Check that this gets loaded. If you downloaded jQuery-ui from the official site, it should be in the .zip folder.
  2. You are overwriting the jQuery-ui CSS with your own. This is less likely as the jQuery-ui markup has pretty unique class-names and a rather complex styling (meaning you would have MUCH CSS to be able to overwrite all of it).

I am 99 % sure it is the first suggestion, but you should check them both out.

The easiest way to check this is using Firefox and Firebug (or the built-in developertool in Chrome/Safari/Opera) and inspect the popup-element to see if any styles are applied to the markup.

PS: Welcome to SO :)

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