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I'm writing a small wrapper for a Java API, and I create a listener like this

(defn conv-listener [f]
  (proxy [com.tulskiy.keymaster.common.HotKeyListener] [] (onHotKey [hotKey] (f))))

Is there a way in which I can make this work whether the function f accepts 1 or zero arguments. (Ie. if f does not accept arguments, just call it with (f), if it accepts an argument - which will be the value of the hotkey in this case - call it with (f hotKey))?

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Possible dupe:… –  noahlz Apr 28 '13 at 2:18
That is not a duplicate question, or even related to this one. –  amalloy Apr 28 '13 at 3:09
Ok. Misunderstood. –  noahlz Apr 28 '13 at 11:47

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No. Just call (f hotKey) all the time, and if someone wants to use a function that ignores hotKey then they can just pass something like (fn [_] ( whatever...)).

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This is how we ended up solving it (pull request from Nic Marsh):

(defn arg-count [function]
  "Counts the number of arguments the given function accepts"
  (let [method     (first (.getDeclaredMethods (class function)))
        parameters (.getParameterTypes method)]
    (alength parameters)))

(defn call-with-correct-args [function & args]
  "Call the given function on all given args that it can accept"
  (let [amount-accepted (arg-count function)
        accepted-args   (take amount-accepted args)]
    (apply function accepted-args)))

(defn- conv-listener [function]
  "Takes a function with one argument, which will get passed the keycode, and creates a listener"
  (proxy [com.tulskiy.keymaster.common.HotKeyListener] []
    (onHotKey [hotKey] (call-with-correct-args function hotKey))))

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