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Okay, I am new to PHP/Oracle connectors. What I am trying to do is call a simple stored procedure which accepts a id number and returns a value. It works fine if there is a match, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add conditional logic if there isn't a match. Basically, if there is a match, set $strategy to it, if there isn't a match, set $strategy to be NULL.

$sql = 'BEGIN STOREDPROCEDURENAME(:v_id_number, :entries); END;';

$stmt = oci_parse($conn, $sql);


// Create a new cursor resource
$entries = oci_new_cursor($conn);

// Bind the cursor resource to the Oracle argument

// Execute the statement

// Execute the cursor

while ($entry = oci_fetch_array($entries)) {
		$strategy = $entry['STRATEGY'];

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How about

$strategy = null;
if ($entry = oci_fetch_array($entries)) {
     $strategy = $entry['STRATEGY'];       
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