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please advise how to use select statement result as a variable and pass it further to the script. Simple script:

# --mysql part START--
mysql -uuser -p$pwd -D$D  -s -N -e "SELECT port FROM table where username='$1';"
/usr/bin/mysql -uroot -p$pwd -D$D<< eof

port=$(mysql Select) # declaring select result as a variable , probably wrong 
echo "port              $port;" >> /tmp/blabla.txt # <- this part is not working 

Please advise. Thanks in advance

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You can put it into an a variable, follow this example:

# --mysql part START--
port=$(mysql -u $user -p $pwd -D $D -s -N -e "SELECT port FROM table where username='$1';")

echo "PORT: $port" > /tmp/blabla.txt
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You the man! Thanks much –  Zerg12 Apr 28 '13 at 15:38

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