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it is the first time i use cassandra, so please excuse me if my question is naive :)
I have downloaded and extracted cassandra 1.2.4
i have run it using /usr/local/apache-cassandra-1.2.4/bin/cassandra -f now i connect to it

root@Alaa:/usr/local/apache-cassandra-1.2.4# ./bin/cassandra-cli
Connected to: "Test Cluster" on
Welcome to Cassandra CLI version 1.2.4

Type 'help;' or '?' for help.
Type 'quit;' or 'exit;' to quit.

[default@unknown] show cluster name

and those three dots remain forever!! any idea what is wrong?

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You need to terminate the command with a ;, otherwise the shell has no way of telling that you're "done" entering a query/command:

show cluster name;

That's why the help;, quit;, and exit; examples printed as part of the startup all include a ;...

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Thanks a lot :) i was reading and applying exactly what have been written in "Cassandra the definitive guide" and they didn't list the semicolon!! i dont know why :) –  Alaa Apr 28 '13 at 3:14
"The definitive guide" is so out of date as to be useless. You can find up-to-date documentation at datastax.com/docs/1.2/index –  jbellis Apr 29 '13 at 15:19

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