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I used UISearchDisplayController to implement Search function. My main controller A has a tableview and I added UISearchBar to its tableheaderview.

I assigned:

 searchDisplayController.searchResultsDatasource = controllerA;
 searchDisplayController.searchResultsDelegate = controllerA;

When I click on uiSearchBar, it show searchDisplayController as normal, and search works right, no problem. But when I scroll resultTableView on searchDisplayController, it dismiss searchDisplayController and return to controller A. Why I can't scroll?

As I thinking, searchDisplayController use tableView of controller A, and when I scroll, searchDisplayController is auto resign active. How can I don't allow searchDisplayController resign active?

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Did you figure something out? I'm experiencing the same odd behaviour... – DZenBot Jan 5 '14 at 14:41

Maybe you make the same mistake with me. when we scroll the searchResultsTableView, this delegate method -(void)searchBarTextDidEndEditing:(UISearchBar *)searchBar will be called.

So if you put the line below into the method, that'll be happened just like you said. [self.searchDisplayController setActive:NO animated:YES];

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