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I am working on making a game in Common Lisp, using Lispbuilder-SDL. I am currently writing a function to check for collision between two surfaces. I need to find out if a surface A intersects with another surface B. I haven't yet seen anything that fits the bill on https://lispbuilder.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/documentation/lispbuilder-sdl.html - is anyone aware of a simple, built-in way of doing this?

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The math for the line that forms when two planes/surfaces intersect is not difficult. See Intersecting Planes, Plane Geometry or generally Googling. If there is no intersection, then the planes/surfaces are parallel - there are simple tests for that.

A plane is defined by a point and a normal. If the dot-product of two plane normals is one, then the planes are parallel. In your game, if the dot-product is close enough to one, then the intersection is outside of the play area.

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Perhaps you meant the vector-product? If the dot-product is 0, then the normals are orthogonal or one normal is zero. –  Patrick May 2 '13 at 17:48

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