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No console errors, just doesn't work.

if (typeof (data.maintExpiry) === 'undefined') { 
    data.maintExpiry = '01-01-1970' 
if (typeof (data.maintExpiry) === 'undefined') { 
    data.maintExpiry = new Date('01-01-1970') 
} //also doesn't work

someColumn = '<span>test</span>'
maintExpiry = '<div class="input-append date" class="datepicker" data-date="12-02-2012" data-date-format="dd-mm-yyyy">'
maintExpiry += '<input style="display: inline;padding-left: 20px;" size="16" type="text" value="' + data.maintExpiry + '">'
maintExpiry += '<span class="add-on"><i class="icon-th"></i></span></div>'
someOtherColumn = '<span>test2</span>'

Then in the document.ready:

    "fnDrawCallback": function (oSettings) {
        $('.datepicker').each(function () {

The reason I ended up putting datepicker() in the fnDrawCallback function of dataTables is because I previously had issues with bootstrap popovers only applying to elements on the first page. This ensured they applied to everything on the page every time the page was changed. I also tried datepicker() outside of this with no luck.

I'm doing the each() function since the bootstrap datepicker docs show using an id selector and since these are dynamically generated I was hoping I could do it via the class. I also simply tried $('.datepicker').datepicker() but that didn't work either.

Again, no console errors or anything. It looks like it should but zero behavior on click in IE and Chrome. Well, I can type in the input box...

update I just realized I had the class definition twice. I consolidated the two and now I get a console error of "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'split' of undefined - bootstrap-datepicker.js:393 Investigating...

update 2 Looks like I'm trying to populate the field with an invalid date. I've added the line below. Any ideas how I can set a default date if there is no date returned?

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make sure... your data.maintExpiry is in rigth format... seperated by - – bipen Apr 28 '13 at 5:28

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