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Hi I'm trying to get the common keys from a TreeSet of TreeMaps:

Ultimately I want to have FinalDocList (a list of String) that contains all the common Keys in the Set of TreeMap(Key, Values).

I tried to iterate the TreeSet but I got error that iterator cannot use the keySet() method. Can anyone help to guide me through this? Many thanks.

    TreeSet<String>FinalDocList = new TreeSet<String>();

    Iterator<TreeMap<String, Double>> iterator = queryMapList.iterator();
        <String> keys1 = iterator.keySet();
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try this

    Set<Map> setOfMaps = new HashSet();
    Set finalDocList = null;
    for (Map m : setOfMaps) {
        if (finalDocList == null) {
            finalDocList = m.keySet();
        } else {
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for(TreeMap<String, Double> map : queryMapList)
    for(String s : map.keySet()

Is that what you wanted?

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