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I am trying to create a function that can return the corresponding value from web.config based on the key provided

For instance, I have these in my Web.config file:

    <add key="0" value="123cb456" />
    <add key="1" value="hFh343" />
    <add key="2" value="Hdkr625" />
    <add key="3" value="1732HHds" />
    <add key="4" value="optxy33" />

I am trying to create a function that can return the corresponding record value based on the key provided .Something like the following

 public static string GetSelectedRecordValue(string strkey)
      string strValue;
      foreach (KeyValueConfigurationElement item in Configuration.Settings("Records")
           if (item.Key == strKey)
                strValue = item.Value;
                return strValue;
      return strValue;

How to get the contents of my config section into a collection so that I can loop through each item and read correct value record based on a key ?any suggestions?

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Why You add this colors in webconfig? You can set these values in constant class . and you can get easily .

Please refer the below websites

Link 1

Link 2

But if you want webconfig,then please see this same discussions

Reading a key from the Web.Config using ConfigurationManager

How to read a values from new section in web.config

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I think you can try WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/system.web.configuration.webconfigurationmanager.openwebconfiguration(v=vs.90).aspx

or just read the web.config as a normal xml file.

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