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I have a label (labelRecipeName) in my XAML that is part of a grid (called gridRecipe) and I want to programatically get the context (string) of that grid.

I know it is always the first element in my grid so I was toying with something like:


But I can't seem to get this to work ... Or is there a better way?

I was hoping to find something like

string receipeName = gridRecipe.labelRecipeName

But obviously I wasn't so lucky :) Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,

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This way you can get the Label in the Grid. Then you can get label's content:

var label = gridRecipe.Children.OfType<Label>()
                            .First(i => i.Name == "labelRecipeName");

var result = label.Content.ToString();
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if your label is accessible by name in codebehind then you can do

string receipeName = labelRecipeName.Content.ToString();

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