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I have imported a subsection of the Bio4j database (which is built off of Neo4j) and wish to visualize it in Grephi or using the Neo4j web admin. How to go about doing this?

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You've got indeed several choices at hand:

Regarding Gephi, you just have to set up Neo4J plugin and select your Neo4J DB location. Neoclipse obviously comes with Neo4J support out-of-the-box.

Without further details, all I can say is: it all depends on what you wanna monitor exactly ;)

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Regarding Gephi, you can also use the Blueprints plugin ( I'm one of the auhtors. – tstorms Apr 29 '13 at 8:51

In order to visualize your data with the Neo4j web browser, launch the web UI. It is normally available at :


Type a cypher query in the console and you'll see the results directly within the interface. Here is a Cypher query that will give you a sample of your data :


Visualizing the data with Gephi is easy too :

Now you can visualize the data with Gephi.

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