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Hi this may seem to be a simple question but I am having a hard time understanding how to use the colors in a plot3d.

That is what I have:

// x, y and z are matrix 4 by 100

myColors = ones(1,size(z,2));

I would like to have myColors related to the altitude of z.

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If I understand correct x, y and z are something like:

x = [ 0:99 ];
y = [ 0:3 ];

z = x' * rand(1,4); //Some function resulting in (100 x 4) matrix

Then you can plot it using

plot3d( x, y, z, alpha=0, theta=270);

e = gce();        // Get current entity handle.
e.color_flag = 1; // Color according to z

f = gcf();                        // Get current figure handle.
f.color_map = hotcolormap(512);     // Make it a heat color map
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