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I uses RequireJS AMD in my project. When i run jshint on my project, it throws error like

In AMD Scripts

 'define' is not defined.

In Mocha test cases

 'describe' is not defined.
 'it' is not defined.

How to remove this warning in jshint?

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Just to expand a bit, here's a .jshintrc setup for Mocha:

  "globals"   : {
    /* MOCHA */
    "describe"   : false,
    "it"         : false,
    "before"     : false,
    "beforeEach" : false,
    "after"      : false,
    "afterEach"  : false

From the JSHint Docs - the false (the default) means the variable is read-only.

If you are defining globals only for a specific file, you can do this:

/*global describe, it, before, beforeEach, after, afterEach */
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we can use {"mocha": true} 2.5.1+ – gwokae Nov 26 '14 at 9:22

To avoid the not defined warning in jshint for the javascript add comments like:

/*global describe:true*/


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Add this in your .jshintrc

"predef" : ["define"]   // Custom globals for requirejs
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Not sure why someone downvoted this. I'm using this exactly in my projects and is cleaner than other answers and works. – ShitalShah Feb 16 '14 at 7:56
predef is depreceted, use globals – Jonathan Azulay Apr 3 '14 at 20:16

Read the docs and search for /*global

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From the JSHint GitHub example: "unused" : true, // true: Require all defined variables be used – Laoujin Jun 28 '13 at 21:41
That's not the same thing. – Paul Grime Jun 29 '13 at 17:05

If you are working on node js. Add these two lines in the beginning of your file

/*jslint node: true */
"use strict";
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This question is about JSHint. – PointedEars Jul 20 at 17:15
Yeah sorry. Noticed later... – salihcenap Aug 23 at 8:28

late to the party, but use this option in your jshintrc:

"dojo": true

and thou shall rest peacefully without red warnings...

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jshint: {
  options: {
    mocha: true,

is what you want

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If you're trying to run JSHint in WebStorm with Mocha, as I am, go into:

WebStorm > Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript > Code Quality Tools > JSHint

Scroll down to "Environments" and make sure you have selected the checkbox to enable "Mocha" which will set up the definitions for JSHint for Mocha for you.

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