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In JavaScript I want to create a collection in following way -

Start with an empty collection with var c = [];

Then I want to add item in it; after addition it will look like

{ 'buttonSubmit': function() { /* do some work */ } },
{ 'buttonCancel': function() { /* do some work */ } }

I must add item one by one using loop and records are not json string. I know the push method but problem is it creates indexed array which I don't want to use because I want to retrieve the value from the collection using c['buttonSubmit'] or d.buttonSubmit. I want to avoid looping and compare key name.

Please help me with some simple code example.

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Because you started c as an array, which uses numerical indexes to refer to what's inside it. What you want is to have c as an object, which uses keys to refer to the data inside it.

var c = {};
c.buttonSubmit = function(){...};
c.buttonCancel = function(){...};

var c = {
  buttonSubmit : function(){...},
  buttonCancel : function(){...}

//using them via dot notation

//using them via bracket notation
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Thanks. Let me try your solution. –  enthusiast Apr 28 '13 at 9:00
I combined your answer with this code and completed my requirement thanks a lot. var data = { 'PropertyA': 1, 'PropertyB': 2, 'PropertyC': 3 }; data["PropertyD"] = 4; // dialog box with 4 in it alert(data.PropertyD); alert(data["PropertyD"]); –  enthusiast Apr 28 '13 at 9:23

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