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procedure TService1.ServiceExecute(Sender: TService);
   FileName : string;
   Strm     : TMemoryStream;
   i        : integer;
   h,m,s,ms : word;

   DecodeTime( now, h, m, s, ms );

   if ( h = 13 ) AND ( m = 6 ) AND ( s = 0 ) then
      ShowMessage( 'entered' );
      for i := 0 to 3 do

         DateTimeToString( FileName, 'yyyy-mm-dd-hh-nn-ss', now );

         FileName := ExtractFilePath( Application.ExeName ) + FileName + '.jpg';

         if not FileExists( FileName ) then

               Strm := TMemoryStream.Create;

                  IdHTTP_ := TIdHTTP.Create( nil );

                     IdHTTP_.Get( '', Strm );

                  Strm.Position := 0;
                  Strm.SaveToFile( FileName );




         Sleep( 5000 );



this is my code for a service which is supposed to took 4 snapshots from an IP Camera in specific time. Anyway as soon as I start the service, i am receiving the message "The Service1 service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.", and the service is terminated.

  • What is the issue in this source ?
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The documentation for OnExecute says:

Occurs when the thread associated with the service starts up.

If you are not spawning a new thread to handle individual service requests in an OnStart event handler, this is where you implement the service. When the OnExecute event handler finishes, the service thread terminates. Most OnExecute event handlers contain a loop that calls the service thread's ProcessRequests method so that other service requests are not locked out.

Your OnExecute does not loop. Once that function exits, the service stops. You will need to do what the documentation describes. Either loop, or spawn a thread to handle service requests.

Do be aware that you cannot show UI in a service. So your attempts to call ShowMessage cannot work. You'll need to use a logging mechanism appropriate for services. For example one that writes to a file.

What you are trying to do would be much easier in a normal desktop process which was scheduled as a scheduled task. I think a service is the wrong solution to your problem.

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Great and very fast answer David Heffernan Thanks! :) – Yordan Yanakiev Apr 28 '13 at 10:31

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