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I'm struggling to figure out what's wrong with my code. I am trying to randomly select a key from several dictionaries, then add that key to the beginning of a list. For example:

import random
list1 = ["list"]
dict1 = {"key1" : "def1", "key2" : "def2", "key3" : "def3"}
dict2 = {"key4" : "def4", "key5" : "def5", "key6" : "def6"}
DICTIONARIES = [dict1, dict2]
value = random.choice(DICTIONARIES)
key = random.choice(list(value.keys()))
list1[:0] = key
print (list1)

What I want, is a print result of [key5, list]. What I get is ['k', 'e', 'y', '5', list]

Any ideas? is there a better way to search multiple dictionaries for a random key that will produce the desired results?


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I suppose that item variable is the same as list1. If yes, try this:

list1[:0] = [key]

Or, alternatively you may use the list.insert function instead of slice assignment:

list1.insert(0, key)

Your version was working like the following:

  • Before assignment: list1 = ['list'], key = 'key5'
  • Left side of assignment refers to element before 'list' in list1
  • Right side refers to value of key, which is "key5".
  • "key5" is a sequence of k, e, y and 5.
  • So, by list1[:0] = key we concatenate "key5" sequence and list1.
  • But in list1[:0] = [key] we concatenate [key] sequence (that has only one element that equals to "key5") and list1. And that's what we actually want.
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Yes item was supposed to be list1. Sorry, working on too much stuff and got mixed up :-) Your explaination was very helpful, thank you! –  Simkill Apr 28 '13 at 10:46

Something like this:

import random
list1 = ["list"]
dict1 = {"key1" : "def1", "key2" : "def2", "key3" : "def3"}
dict2 = {"key4" : "def4", "key5" : "def5", "key6" : "def6"}

all_keys = list(dict1.keys() | dict2.keys())  #creates a list containing all keys
key = random.choice(all_keys)
print (list1)          #prints  ['key1', 'list']
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In Python 3 one should use print() syntax. –  Alexey Apr 28 '13 at 10:25
Thank you very much, I will use this method in future. –  Simkill Apr 28 '13 at 10:46

In Python string objects are iterable, so, this line

list1[:0] = key

and this

list1[:0] = list(key)

are equals, and means replace all elements from 0th position to 0th position in list1 with elements from key. You should use insert function, or make a list with key element and assign it.

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