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I have a "DateTime" var with the current date (DateTime.Now). I can convert this to a OADate-Format (41392,524432) as example. But how I can convert this, that I'm just getting the time without the date? For example 1 minute and 4 seconds (01:04) are 0,04444444 in this format.

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Can't you do myDateTime.Date first and then convert? –  Simon Mourier Apr 28 '13 at 10:40
Sorry I don't get it - could you explain it please? –  namespace Apr 28 '13 at 10:43

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Since MSDN states that:

An OLE Automation date is implemented as a floating-point number whose integral component is the number of days before or after midnight, 30 December 1899

you presumably want to use that as your base date:

DateTime oaBaseDate = new DateTime(1899,12,30);
double result = oaBaseDate.Add(DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay).ToOADate();

or if you don't like magic numbers (magic dates), the equivalent:

DateTime oaBaseDate = DateTime.FromOADate(0);
double result = oaBaseDate.Add(DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay).ToOADate();
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Try subtracting the current date.

double oaDate = DateTime.Now.ToOADate();
double result = oaDate - (int)(oaDate);


double result = oaDate - Math.Floor(oaDate);
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