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I'm trying to write readers/writers for my case classes after reading:

but I'm having trouble in making it work.

I have a leadCategory that can consist of several word objects.

package models

import org.joda.time.DateTime
import reactivemongo.bson._
import reactivemongo.bson.handlers.{BSONWriter, BSONReader}
import reactivemongo.bson.BSONDateTime
import reactivemongo.bson.BSONString


case class LeadCategory(
                         id: Option[BSONObjectID],
                         categoryId: Long,
                         categoryName: String,
                         creationDate: Option[DateTime],
                         updateDate: Option[DateTime],
                         words: List[Word]

object LeadCategory {

  implicit object LeadCategoryBSONReader extends BSONReader[LeadCategory] {
    def fromBSON(document: BSONDocument): LeadCategory = {
      val doc = document.toTraversable
        doc.getAs[BSONDateTime]("creationDate").map(dt => new DateTime(dt.value)),
        doc.getAs[BSONDateTime]("updateDate").map(dt => new DateTime(dt.value)),

  implicit object LeadCategoryBSONWriter extends BSONWriter[LeadCategory] {
    def toBSON(leadCategory: LeadCategory) = {
        "_id" -> leadCategory.id.getOrElse(BSONObjectID.generate),
        "caregoryId" -> BSONLong(leadCategory.categoryId),
        "categoryName" -> BSONString(leadCategory.categoryName),
        "creationDate" -> leadCategory.creationDate.map(date => BSONDateTime(date.getMillis)),
        "updateDate" -> leadCategory.updateDate.map(date => BSONDateTime(date.getMillis)),
        "words" -> leadCategory.words)


case class Word(id: Option[BSONObjectID], word: String)

object Word {

  implicit object WordBSONReader extends BSONReader[Word] {
    def fromBSON(document: BSONDocument): Word = {
      val doc = document.toTraversable

  implicit object WordBSONWriter extends BSONWriter[Word] {
    def toBSON(word: Word) = {
        "_id" -> word.id.getOrElse(BSONObjectID.generate),
        "word" -> BSONString(word.word)


I'm getting a compile error at:

"words" -> leadCategory.words)


Too many arguments for method apply(ChannelBuffer)
Type mismatch found: (String, List[Words]) required required implicits.Producer[(String, BsonValue)]

What have I missed? Maybe I have misunderstood the docs...

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Thank you for your tip, but I'm not sure I understand. So instead of "words" -> leadCategory.words I should wrap this in a BsonValue? Could you give me an example? –  jakob Apr 28 '13 at 10:55

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Try to declare the "Word" implicit objects above the "LeadCategory", if you are putting all of it in the same file.

Scala cannot find the implicit objects for the List[Word] - assuming you are using ReactiveMongo 0.9.

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See the question on the mailing list for final code. –  Narigo May 1 '13 at 7:31

All of your types should a derivative of a BSON type. I think you want to use BSONArray instead of a List.

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