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I have two textures to manage.
One is in Gdx.files.internal, and one is in Gdx.files.local.

But it seems like the API limit me to manage one or the other, and not both simultaneously.

manager = new AssetManager( - takes only one resolver - `);

manager.setLoader(TextureAtlas.class, new TextureAtlasLoader( - takes only one resolver - ));

and this one take only one manager:


Is there a way to manage two resolvers? Or build one resolver for two locations?


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You could write a custom FileHandleResolver that first checks if the file exists in the first location, and if it does not exist, check the second location.

Maybe like this:

class MyFileHandleResolver implements FileHandleResolver {
    public FileHandle resolve(String fileName) {
        FileHandle localHandle = Gdx.files.local(fileName);
        if (localHandle.exists())
            return localHandle;
            return Gdx.files.internal(fileName);    
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Thanks. One resolver with multiple locations works well. Instead of creating a file handler and than checking the existence, I'm using two different folders for internal and local files, so I check startsWith(..) and return the right resolver. –  uval Apr 28 '13 at 16:23

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