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I'm beginner to C#. Now I'm trying to develop a mail reading application that uses the MS Exchange native protocol (mapi) in C#.

I have tried using EAgetmail.dll which is available over the internet. It was working fine but now I'm trying without using third party dll.

Whether any codings are available for without using the Dll or any source code is available for your recommended dll. If you feel any possibilities to resolve my issue please share the codings or say me the website to refer. Your support will be great helpful for me.

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You could read Exchange mailbox through the EWS Interface (Exchange Web services) - it will work for exchange 2007 and greater. Please have a look at the CodeProject Article: Exchange Web Services

Another option for older Exchange servers would be to use the Collaboration Data Objects Library (CDO.DLL).

Using Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) to check for new Exchange email

Accessing the inbox through MAPI using C# .NET

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Extended MAPI is not accessible in .Net languages. There used to be a product named MAPI33, but it is no longer being developed or supported.

You can try to use Redemption, and it particular its RDO set of objects which wraps Extended MAPI and is accessible in .Net.

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you can use the native .net System.Net.Mail to do this

check out this example on the msdn site.

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Hi,Thanks for your answer but i have asked for the reading mails using native protocol – pravin kumar Apr 29 '13 at 5:52

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