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I tried this:

PDF=$(find /"$DIRECTORY"/ -name '*.pdf' -exec pdftotext {} - \; | grep 'palindrom')

in this way echo "$PDF prints only some text from the .pdf file in which was found my word "palindrom", but I also want to know the .pdf file name in which he found the word.

In /"$DIRECTORY"/ there are many folders, .pdf and .txt files so I need to return only the .pdf files whose text conversion matches my word "palindrom"


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2 Answers

Could you please try with the below command? Instead of 'bash' may be 'sh' could help.

find "$DIRECTORY" -name \*.pdf | xargs -I {} bash -c 'echo {}; less {} | grep palindrom'
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Would find "$DIRECTORY" -name "*.pdf" -exec grep "palindrom"pdftotext "{}"\; -print work?

Edit: it didn't like my back-tick: pdftotext "{}" should be `pdftotext "{}"`

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it says: "find: missing argument for "-exec" –  Frank May 3 '13 at 17:01
I'm not by my computer but what command did you end up typing? I know it formated my suggestion weird. –  davidk May 3 '13 at 17:30
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