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I am facing a problem with Play Scala Templates. When I make changes to the template files the files are compiled by Play. I know this because I run the server using ~run which essentially shows the activities in my working directory. However, after files are compiled and I refresh my browser the changes are not reflected. The are only reflected if I stop the server entirely, do a clean, recompile and start it again.

On the contrary if I make changes to the controllers, for instance Application.java and to other project files i.e. application.conf, routes the changes are reflected when I refresh the browser. I have searched and searched the web (so please don't ask me to Google this) but can't find any similar cases. I find this problem very strange.

I am using Play 2.1.0 with Java.

Please any help will be really appreciated.


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Are you sure, it is not your browser who is keeping some kind of cache? And do you use cache in your application? –  i.am.michiel Apr 29 '13 at 9:09
Hello Michiel thanks for your reply. This argument sounds very plausible, but I am sure it is not the browser as I do constant page refreshes with Ctrl + F5 on Firefox and Mozilla. I have also cleared my caches severally. I am not using cache in the Play application either. –  user1609848 Apr 30 '13 at 10:54

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