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My plugin is built by two plugin projects (two plugin projects are in the same workspace).

One of them is an ordinary plugin which has toolbars etc. The other one is a Scala-based XML interpreter.

Everything runs fine and works great while I use "Run/Debug" as "Eclipse Application".

But, after I tried to pack it as a Feature project then Build it with and Update Site Project, the auto-generated JARs are wierd: the content of the ordinary plugin JAR is classes, which is correct; however, the other one (in scala), Eclipse packed the JAR with the original file - filename.scala in the JAR!

In other words, the plugin project didn't get compiled after Build(in Update site project by putting Features in).

But it worked fine when I used "Run" as "Eclipse Application".

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or any hint?

I've tried this but it didn't fix my problem.

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