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I have a php file that includes html code and displays user's account. I would like to add an image for background and repeat it. However, I have tried almost everything and can't display it! The image exist inside a folder named "style" and this folder exist where the rest php files are.

<?php session_start();?>

<title>My Account</title>
        background-image: url("/style/ebook_back.png");

        background-color: red;

    //Some PHP code...

<h1>My Account</h1> <hr>
<h2>Account Details</h2>
<h3>Check & Modify personal details</h3>

<h2>My Orders</h2>
<h3>Check & Modify my orders</h3>

<h2>My Wishlist</h2>
<h3>Check & Update my wishlist</h3>

<?php More PHP code...?>


The background colour for the h2 is displayed correctly but the image does not showed up! Dimensions are 200 x 200px

What I am doing wrong?

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Look at the page in a browser like Firefox. Take a look at the debug console like Firebug and list which resources the page wanted to load. Most likely your background image is not located at yourdomain.example/style/ebook_back.png –  Sven Apr 28 '13 at 13:49
You are right! Says not found. But when I am trying to open the image with browser, directory is the same... –  Panayiotis Nicolaou Apr 28 '13 at 13:57
where is your style directory in relation to this php file? –  smerny Apr 28 '13 at 13:58
style directory exist under the same folder as account.php –  Panayiotis Nicolaou Apr 28 '13 at 13:59
That's make no sense! I've saved the the image with different extension (jpg) and now is working! Is there any known problem with png images? –  Panayiotis Nicolaou Apr 28 '13 at 14:11

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You're giving wrong path. Add dot at the beginning or remove first slash.

background-image: url("./style/ebook_back.png");


background-image: url("style/ebook_back.png");
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I've tried both with no result –  Panayiotis Nicolaou Apr 28 '13 at 13:57
it's impossible. Are you sure about the file and folder name? –  ghost Apr 28 '13 at 13:58
change the image to jpg and is working! :S –  Panayiotis Nicolaou Apr 28 '13 at 14:12

are you sure about the path? maybe you should try this "./style/ebook_back.png" for a realtive path with a dot

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Do you have firebug installed on your browser. It could be related with your directory structure . If you have firebug installed check if you have an error

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Try removing the / from the path.

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I am getting the error status 404. However image its there. How can retrieve correct directory? –  Panayiotis Nicolaou Apr 28 '13 at 13:58

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