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I am getting the following json data back via an ajax response.


I am trying to understand the information I've received (arrays confuse me). To do that I am trying to recreate the structure of the array in php.

If I were to recreate the array above would I write it like this?

$result=Array (
    [0] => Array (
        word => jquery
        wordID => 1        
    [1] => Array (
        word => github
        wordID => 2 

If no, how would I write it? Thanks.

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use json_decode to convert json in an array , and then do a var_dump to see if the structure is what you need

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I've chosen your answer as the answer because it best helped me examine the structure of the data I was trying to understand. Thanks :) – moomoochoo Apr 28 '13 at 15:19
anytime :) glad that I could help – Satya Apr 28 '13 at 15:19

JSON is essentially the right-hand side of an assignment operation in Javascript, e.g.

var foo = [1,2,3];
          ^^^^^^^--- basically json

Your snippet above is, however, NOT valid json. You've got an object, which cannot simply show up as


it has to be

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