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I got a problem with mod_rewrite.


PHP version: 5.2.6

Lighttpd version: 1.4.24

There's a PHP script which takes parameters like this:

Get information (GET)

NOTE: The number of parameters varies and is not specified yet

Set information (POST)

api.php script



Now I want to modify the get and set URLs a bit like this:

Get information

For this purpose I made the following rule in the lighttpd.conf:

url.rewrite-once = (
"(?<=/get/json/\?)(?<=\?).*" => "/api.php?method=get&format=json"


For the query the script gives back

array(2) {
string(3) "get"
string(4) "json"
string(32) "/api/get/json/?test1=1&test2=foo"

The desired result would be that all parameters are in $_GET by default. I have read something about passing the get parameters here URL rewrite in lighttpd but I don't know how to apply it for my rule and if it would work with any number of parameters.


My new rule looks like this now:

url.rewrite-once = (
"^/api/(set)/(json|xml)/(\?(.+))?" => "api.php?method=$1&format=$2&$3"

Now, the api.php output is:

array(4) {
  string(3) "set"
  string(4) "json"
  string(4) "foo"
  string(3) "bar"
string(35) "/api/set/json/?test1=foo&test2=bar"

This looks much better now, but how can I get rid of the "?" in the 2nd array element?

Thanks for your help!

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