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I have found in my codebase lots of places has been coded as


Now the problem is that if FIRST_ITEM column is a allow null values there is chance to encounter Null pointer Exception. I know, I can change the code to


in order to fix the problem. But then I have to do this in 1000 lines of code. Can I have solution, by which I can fix the problem with least effort?

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I just ended up writing a quick method like this:

  private static string GetS(object obj)
            if (obj == null || obj == DBNull.Value)
                return "";

            return obj.ToString();



MyObject.LastName = GetS(dr["LastName"]));

Someday I'll have time to go back and write an extention to the DataRow or to write a generic converter. But for now this works and I have one for dates and bool data types.

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