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I have installed SQL Server 2008 on Windows 8. When I was installing, I got a message alert

enter image description here

Everything is completed but when I test connection, it cannot access with a message:

enter image description here

I have uninstalled and re-installed again but it's still the same result for me. I tried to solve the issue with this

but I can't find button Add port or SQL in exceptions in My Computer as enter image description here.


I think SQL Server 2008 is not supported on Windows 8? Because the same software I have installed worked well on my Windows 7.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks

I am looking for your reply soon.

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I have not tried to install SQL Server 2008 in Windows 8 but by reading this MSDN KB page it looks like that it should be supported but not right out of the box. You will have to do some juggling before you will be able use it. That KB page should give you better idea.

Plus in order to add that PORT, you have to goto Windows Firewall and add PORT into list. This MSFT help page should give you idea about how to do that.

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